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Customer Reviews:

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by Achmed one – Version 1.2.9 What a great app Finally I found one that does what it says on the box. Im on pay as you go (No contract,) its uses the iphones gps to mark and return you to same spot. Never again will you have trouble finding where you left the car.


Daily Out activities, we often need to remember some of the temporary location in order to go back again after. Such as temporary parking location, visit unfamiliar parts of the entry point, hiking start point, stayed hotel when traveling, …….
Go-Back is able to fully satisfy this demand.


* Avoids getting lost; Go back to your car; Track Your own path (driving, hiking, skiing, sailing, traveling …).
* Records your expected return point accurately, Can also take pictures and write notes to help you remember. And shown your traking trail and distance.
* Based on the location services and magnetometer data, rotating and scaling the reference map to the real location and direction, plus with a striking tracking trail, you can easily return from the current location to your expected return point.
* No Internet connection can also work very well, better if you have an Internet connection.
* Added: Set different colors in different road sections for the tracking trail. (default color: blue)
* This application can run in the background.
* Added another map interface.
* Added the GPS signal indicator.
* The multiple photos you taken also backed up to Camera Roll in the iPhone/iPad.
* Compatible with iOS 13+.
* No Ads and No in-app purchases.


  1. This application requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  2. Contact E-mail: DJLabCanada@yahoo.com

What’s New in Version 1.4.6 :

– Compatible with iOS 13+.

Privacy Policy:

– The Go-Back app will use the location (GPS) data collected by Apple’s API.

In the Go-Back app, we use Apple’s API to collect GPS data from user device.

– Why do we use Apple’s API to collect data?

We use GPS data collected by the Apple API to record your walking path and display it on the app.

– Will we share data collected from user device with third parties?

No. The data collected from user device will never be shared with any third party. Moreover, we do not store any data collected from user device anywhere.